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The wonderful things I hear about my son Jess  
Jess -  I met with Grandma Mary yesterday and even though it hasn't been long since Grandpa died she talked about you, your sweet smile, how you didn't care about having material things, how you were such a giving, caring child, truly extraordinary for someone your age.  It made me feel very proud, and very sad too.

When Aunt Joanne and Grandma Cago were here for Will and Anna baby shower, Joanne had pictures of you in her wallet, pictures of you and me even!!  They talk of you often.

Your friends still tell how great you were when I run into them.

Your are great Jesse, and you will never be forgotten.  Who you are is a wonderful lesson for us all.

I love you.  Mom

More than anything, I think, Jess taught us that doing the right thing, loving one another, being happy is what life is all about.  So many people have told me that he always had a smile on his face.  His peers tell me that if they were down he had some one liner to make them smile, if there was a conflict he'd step in and tell a joke or do something silly to get the kids to forget there argument.  He taught all of us that the Lord God is in control, and that that's a good thing, he knew that God's time and God's decision were the right ones.  He had tremendous faith, genuine faith that poured from him with out him saying anything.  He was always trying to make others happy.  He was always willing to give.  He knew that if you give,  you always get so much more in return.  He taught us that the important "things" in life are not tangible, but things of the heart and soul.  He was a genuine 'Good Soul' here on earth.
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