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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, JESSE GOCHEZ who was born in Minnesota on June 24, 1987 and passed away on April 26, 2001 at the age of 13. We will remember him forever.

Jesse was kind, sensitive, friendly boy.  His classmates called him "the peacemaker" because he would often intercede in a disagreement and get both sides to end up smiling.  I have had so many people tell me how much they remember that ever present smile.

Jess also had a remarkable, God given, faith.  Faith that is not learned but felt, believed from the time of birth.  He told me (his Mom) that he though maybe I underestimated the power of prayer!  I said  maybe I did, I don't now.

Jess adored his older brother Will.  Will is 2 years older than Jess.  They were practically opposite personalities and learned so much from each other.  Will is outgoing, social and as a younger person the risk taker.  Jess was quieter, shy, had to completely think through a situation before acting.  Will protected his brother just like you always wish a big brother should.  They had there arguments, but all in all they were truly best friends.  Many of their peers just knew them as "Will and Jesse".  Will helped Jess become more outgoing and Jesse taught Will to think before he acted.  They gave so much to each othere without even knowing it.

Jess loved to read.  His reading ability was way beyond his years.  In fact it was hard for me to find books that were age appropriate yet at his reading level.  The last Christmas he was alive, on his "wish list" was "books -- AT LEAST 300 PAGES LONG". 
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Do Not Cry   / Chanel Coetzee (visitor)
Daddy please do not look so sad Mama please do not cry cause i am in the arms of Jesus and he sings me lullabies.Please try not to question GOD do not think he is unkind.Do not think He sent me to you and then he changed his mind you see i am a speci...  Continue >>
Prayers & Blessings   / Sherri Dennis (Visitor)
 I came across Jesse's web site while visiting my brothers memorial web site. I lost my 16 year old brother 06/28/2006. I can honestly say that it is something you NEVER really recover from. I will pray for Jesses's family daily.Mei Jesse be at...  Continue >>
Prayer for Jesse   / LISA ANDREWS (none)
Dear Jesse, You seem like you are so loved and lived a good life. I am writing to you because, my mom died april 25,2001, well not really I just thought it was a coincedence.  Your family wrote such nice things about you, and I couldn't help bu...  Continue >>
Beautiful  / Ashley (Friend of Will's )
This is such a beautiful website!  It has brought tears to my eyes, even as I sit in a public library!!  Jesse was such an amazing boy!  He always lit up the school hallways with his smile!  Both Jesse and Will have amazing spirit...  Continue >>
LOVE & RESPECT SWEET JESSE!  / Jane Einarson (I care )    Read >>
To Jesse....  / Carrie Webster ((Visitor))    Read >>
What a wonderful child of God  / Misty Woodson (visitor)    Read >>
Thinking of you Angel  / Beverly (Harley Walls Mom) (Another Angel Mom )    Read >>
Your gift to Will and me!!  / Mom     Read >>
What A Great Young Man  / Reisha [vistor] Mem Of Christina Valle     Read >>
Feelings / LOUISE     Read >>
Wonderful / Jane Nelson (none)    Read >>
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His legacy
The wonderful things I hear about my son Jess  
Jess -  I met with Grandma Mary yesterday and even though it hasn't been long since Grandpa died she talked about you, your sweet smile, how you didn't care about having material things, how you were such a giving, caring child, truly extraordinary for someone your age.  It made me feel very proud, and very sad too.

When Aunt Joanne and Grandma Cago were here for Will and Anna baby shower, Joanne had pictures of you in her wallet, pictures of you and me even!!  They talk of you often.

Your friends still tell how great you were when I run into them.

Your are great Jesse, and you will never be forgotten.  Who you are is a wonderful lesson for us all.

I love you.  Mom
More than anything, I think, Jess taught us that doing the right thing, loving one another, being happy is what life is all about.  So many people have told me that he always had a smile on his face.  His peers tell me that if they were down he had some one liner to make them smile, if there was a conflict he'd step in and tell a joke or do something silly to get the kids to forget there argument.  He taught all of us that the Lord God is in control, and that that's a good thing, he knew that God's time and God's decision were the right ones.  He had tremendous faith, genuine faith that poured from him with out him saying anything.  He was always trying to make others happy.  He was always willing to give.  He knew that if you give,  you always get so much more in return.  He taught us that the important "things" in life are not tangible, but things of the heart and soul.  He was a genuine 'Good Soul' here on earth.
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